Climate Justice Fast Day 10: Why I am fasting

When I talk about my reasons for going on a long hunger fast for Climate Justice Fast people  look at me like I’m crazy and I’m reluctant to correct them because fasts are difficult to explain.  But I will explain, again.  Before the hungerstrikes, my life belonged to the bay.  My dad and his Dad and his Dad were commercial fishermen so I was the daughter of a son of a son of a son of a fisherman.  Then, too, growing up on a Texas bay and having a Cherokee grandfather who liked talking with the dolphins and spotting moon signs in the sky before night turned to day made me into something of a mystic.   I remember being out on the shrimp boat with my daddy and feeling my skin stretch and thin like fog, leaving gaping holes that the waves and wind would run into and the sea would fill until my blood was so thick with salt that I could taste it on my tongue. At night, we anchored in a far far bay where sea horses hid under the rocks and pink sea birds dined on oysters and I’d lay on top of the wheel house with a blanket up to my nose, and it was like going to bed with a hunk of seaweed and deck load of shrimp and fish and crabs.  I didn’t need a sleeping pill.  The smell knocked me out.

I learned a lesson or two on the bay.  How to spot shrimp from a mile away.  (Look for the sea gulls!) What does a watermelon smell on the bay mean? (trout just threw up)  How to tell if a squall was gonna knock your boat over or lay down as harmless as a kitten. (anybody’s guess) But the best lesson that came home to roost was that boundaries were lies. There was no separation or division. No brick wall that divided San Antonio Bay from Esprito Santo Bay. Nothing to keep the sky from the water or the wind from the sea. Nothing to keep one person from a billion others.  There was just  flow and continuity of water and moon and dolphins and ratty ole captains in ratty ole shrimp boats hauling boogie across the bay to find those most elusive shrimp.


5 Responses to “Climate Justice Fast Day 10: Why I am fasting”

  1. cypress1948 Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your book “Holy Roller”! I was raised in the Episcipal church. ( Church of England). However, I got envolved in the Penticoastal church When I was in my early teens. You have pointed out some of the problems of the penticostaes. However, I would say I still believe I had a real expirence and it was good! On the side of your book and memories you point out some of the problems and negative elements about the movement. I still want to believe in a God of love and mercy!! Also one that aswers prayer ect.
    Another interesting thing was the point out you made about women being in submission ect. My mother was raised as a preachers daughter in the “Deep South” and she had a marters complex or at least the attitude to be submissive or things like it. Her father was an Epis. minister. She did have an expirence she shared publicly one time when she said Jesus if you are real, take this desire to drink from me and she never took a drink of alcohol again. She always wanted to be a writer,and she wrote some stories. I dont, know if she was discouraged about them because she was a women or not, but that might have had something to do with it. Anyway, You have a lot of courage, and have done some good things for the Earth!

    • diane4justice Says:

      Hi, Glad you liked the book. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Religion has been a major input in my life. I got it from all directions and still do. My mom who is 94 thinks i am going to hell for writing that book. You know there is a big superstition about saying anything at all less than positive about religion –and if you do it will bring the heavens down on your head. I guess that’s a great way to never question the church. bring down the wrath upon anyone who does. ha. and its too bad about your friend not writing. or did she write? I remember a pentecostal aunt, yes, aunt silver, who told me to throw my books away. it was the devil that made me want to read books. i shouldnt read anything but the bible. she also said that about earrings and radio and about everything else that wasn’t sanctified by the church. And im a firm believer in the power of the mind to heal. And i do believe their is consciousness beyond the body, and power beyond the body or this universe. i just flatly wont call it god or jehovah. puts a real bad taste in my mind. i like calling it the Big Black Rock in Space. ha. thanks so much for writing and im really glad you had a good experience. I’m all for positive feedback. whatever works! diane

  2. cypress1948 Says:

    Thanks for responding!! A book you might like to read I believe is called: “Fire from Heaven” by Harvy Cox. This is a history of the pentecostal movement. He was or is a professor of religion at Harvard Uni. He devotes a chapter to some of the problems and issues you address in your book.
    I had a GREAT and good expirence in the Penticoastal church, but I did have some issues with them that you have mentioned. There seemed to be an attitude of anti interllectualism or education, that I just did NOT aggree with. Remember, this was in the early 1960’s & on up. I came from an educated family. My father was a scientist, (chemist). Not to get too long here, but as far as I can tell, the Bible is not against education. You have to know how to read in order to read the Bible!!! The book of Proverbs points out to seek out wisdom and knowledge. Anyway…..
    On another topic, my mother did write some stories, but she never sent them out. Being a women MAY have been a factor. I believe, she was not encouraged to do so because she was a women,but that is just speculation
    On another topic, a female minister I know, might like your book. I told her about it. She was raised in the Pentecostal church like you and sheis also part Charokee Indian just like you. She has a degree and teaches school. She is deffently not against education!!! Anyway’….
    Finialy, I have written some poetery that has been published in my High school mags. & recently in a Scottish society I belong to. However, Me and a friend of mine are trying to write a screenplay!!! Again thanks for responding to my last blog!!

  3. cypress1948 Says:

    I had to respect the snake handler for not letting mothers with children handle them!! That showed he did care some to protect innocent people ect.!!

  4. cypress1948 Says:

    I just read about that you did not care for chemist!! I want t be quick to point out that my father did NOT work for a chemical company, but was instead. in a medical examiner’s office. Aortopsies, investigating murders, that sort of thing! Anyway…

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